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Eduminder is a free long term solution supporting schools with a myriad of critical and non-critical software applications. It is built from the “ground up” and represents a “future proof” solution with continuous development, support, and updates to all software modules, including ongoing additions of new functionality as requested by the user community.

As the software modules are developed, Eduminder will in turn translate and customize the various software modules to accommodate other languages and regions. This is an important part of the globalization of Eduminder and for the fostering of an international educational community for information sharing, learning, and professional development.

Eduminder elected to help schools even further by not introducing additional burdens upon them when adopting the Eduminder solution. As an application service provider (ASP), Eduminder eliminates the need for schools to host complex server environments, backup data and support costly systems, allowing schools to focus on education and not infrastructure and technology. In other words, schools will just need computers connected to the internet to enjoy full utilization of Eduminder.

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