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The Eduminder founders have worked to solve technology and software problems for schools and districts for many years, but wanted to make a greater and broader impact on the problems in educational system. The answer was fairly obvious, but the scale and requirements were daunting: Provide a complete software solution and the tools critical to support operations and enhance the academic process, all free of charge. This is the only solution to today’s problems, and it has to be built from the ground up.

The decision was made to incorporate Eduminder in early 2009 despite disastrous and unprecedented economic times. It was obvious that schools would fall victim to “budget wars” and cut-backs, so in light of these circumstances there was no better time to start Eduminder.

While waiting for our Section 501(c)(3) status application to be completed and approved, efforts were focused on creating awareness and gaining support from key officials, offices, politicians, organizations, and associations. Eduminder has made significant headway and gained national awareness in a very short time.

Ever since its inception, the founders, along with volunteers, have been working on: developing the EEIS program; establishing plans for the organization; performing feasibility studies; creating timelines; specifying functionalities; identifying and mapping K-12 issues and needs; and other preparations for the program and organization. Eduminder is therefore well positioned to quickly move forward when funding becomes available.

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