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Mission and Vision

Eduminder’s mission is to provide a free, all-inclusive web based software suite specifically created for schools, supporting every aspect of K-12 education, administration, and operations. Our goal is to offer services to schools globally and in all major languages and deliver a unified platform for collaboration, e-Learning, and information sharing among schools across nations, continents, and cultures.

The Eduminder vision is to impact education in ways never before attempted. Eduminder will “level the playing field” in K-12 education by providing all critical “tools” eliminating obstacles and inefficiencies in the administration and teaching process completely free of cost. Ideally, schools should exclusively be able to use the Eduminder solution to support all aspects of the education and learning environment, including: accounting, attendance, admissions, enrollment, lesson plans, home work assignments, student learning systems, parent involvement, and everything else needed to operate and educate and for children to study and learn.

The Future

  • The EEIS program is a long term solution that supports all communities, states and nations, providing unprecedented capabilities to engage families and parents in their children’s education and development.
  • Eduminder will promote awareness about health, art, music, theatre, and cultures within the K-12 education community and encourages sharing among communities, nations, and cultures globally.
  • Eduminder was created knowing and understanding that the world is constantly changing, and we need to change with it and respond to shifting needs of the user base. This is yet another reason why the Eduminder Education Information System is designed to deliver the highest degree of flexibility.


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