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Who Will My Donation Help

A major goal is to “level the educational playing field,” giving every child, teacher, and administrator access to the same world class education information system, regardless of financial status or location. Eduminder will help a lot of people. In the US alone Eduminder will support:

School Districts: 14,500
Schools:             100,000 public + 30,000 private
Students:           57 million   (50 million in public schools + 6.6 million in private schools)
Teachers:            4 million     (3.3 million in public schools + 500,000 in private schools)
Administrators:   1 million    (900,000 in public schools + 100,000 in private schools)
Parents:              28 million   (25 million in public schools + 3 million in private schools)
Source: US Department of Education 2008 fast facts and estimations based on student numbers, average school size and available statistics

These are "just" people in the United States of America. Eduminder will eventually become a global system helping billions of schools, children and families all over the world.

These are of course impressive numbers, but think about the people behind the numbers: The children struggling to learn, teachers battling challenges, parents wanting the best for their children and might not have the resources to provide it, school administrators and districts fighting daily battles trying to do their jobs with inadequate systems. Imagine the frustrations resulting from these problems, day in and day out.

Eduminder wants to fix all these problems as much as humanly possible through the use of technology. We are not trying to put band-aids on the problems; we want to eradicate all the issues faced using technology in education today. It can be done, and we are doing it. With your help we can move faster and make it happen sooner; please don't wait - donate to Eduminder right now.

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