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June 2009 Eduminder Receives 501(c)(3) Status.
Eduminder receives its status as a public 501(c)(3) charitable tax exempt organization from the US Treasury Department. The Eduminder team would like to thank the IRS for the expeditious processing of our application, as it was completed in record time (12 business days).

May 2009 Eduminder Meets with Governor Donald Carcieri's Office and RI DoE.
The Eduminder Founders met with Governor Donald Carcieri's senior advisors on communications and education, and the Rhode Island Department of Education to deliver an introductory presentation about the Eduminder initiative. The Eduminder concept was met with enthusiasm and a strong interest in follow-up meetings.

April 2009 Eduminder Meets with Jack Reed's Office.
Eduminder met with Senator Jack Reed's policy advisors and delivered a briefing on Eduminder, its progress, and goals.

March 2009 Eduminder Meets with Patrick Kennedy's Office.
The Eduminder Founders met with a senior representative for Congressman Patrick Kennedy's staff to provide information about the Eduminder initiative, status, and goals. The Eduminder concept was met with enthusiasm, and our team received valuable information, advice, and introductions to key education champions.

February 2009 Eduminder Meets with John Kerry’s Office.
The Eduminder team had a successful meeting with Senator John Kerry's policy advisors in Boston, MA. The team presented an overview, strategic plan, operational budget, and profiles of the Eduminder founders and directors. We received an extremely positive response, and a list of tasks to help increase to our momentum. We want to thank Mr. Kerry's Policy Advisors for meeting with us.

January 2009 Eduminder Incorporates.
In light of a worsening economy and further school budget cuts, Eduminder is put on the fast track and incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Rhode Island. The need for Eduminder as an educational solution is evident now more than ever - let's make it happen!

2008 Eduminder Takes Shape. The Eduminder seed continues to develop in the consciousness of the founders who are forming strategies and performing feasibility studies. The global economic crisis and scheduled educational cut-backs give Eduminder a strong sense of urgency.

Summer 2007 Eduminder is Conceived. Eduminder is created in response to a series of events and frustrations with the current educational system. The complete lack of interoperability is paralyzing. A solution has to be made available – globally.

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