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Problem Statement

Without generalizing too much, everyone is aware that schools are constantly struggling with under-funded budgets and lack of resources. This has gone on for so long that it has become this “dull roar” where everyone agrees education is critical, and we must improve it. We unconditionally praise all efforts to improve the education system, and we support all ongoing efforts to make a difference and impact these problems.

The people behind Eduminder have identified root causes for the major issues in schools and education, and despite the size and complexity of the tasks at hand, these issues must be resolved before significant progress can be made in schools and education.

The initial impetus behind the concept of Eduminder was to solve the universal problem of fragmented computer and software systems. Schools and districts use numerous computer and software systems to solve small "pieces of the puzzle", which in the end cause severe problems due to their lack of inter-operability and integration capabilities.

Today’s student information systems were designed as stand alone solutions and were not designed to be integrated or even communicate with other systems. This is the core problem all schools, districts, and the education process in general faces. At times, teachers spend more time solving problems caused by the IT systems than they do teaching. The same applies to the administration side, causing delays in processing information, responding to requests, and ultimately resulting in a deep seeded frustration across the board.

Commercially available systems purposefully prevent inter-operability with other systems for competitive reasons. This creates a situation where it is impossible to manage multiple systems efficiently, resulting in widespread problems from clerical errors, data synchronization issues, multiple vendors and maintenance contracts, and an inability to generate up-to-date reports.

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