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The Eduminder Impact

EEIS delivers a lasting impact in a multitude of areas with a ripple effect far beyond the direct and immediate impact. Below we have highlighted the most obvious benefits Eduminder delivers, with many more:


Transferring students, staff, parental information, and access from one school to another is done with a few clicks of the mouse. No lost records or the need to set up students, parents, or staff in a new system; everything follows the person from one school to another seamlessly.


Improved education and learning processes


Provide students with easy access and free educational materials


Parental access, visibility, and involvement at levels never before possible


Eduminder is the only system that can support ongoing education processes during large scale school closings caused by severe flu pandemics


Eduminder greatly improves efficiencies in administration, teaching, and learning with never before seen functionality


Eduminder delivers real-time reporting at all levels, enabling principals, districts, and state officials to quickly pinpoint issues and take corrective action.


Eduminder reduces cost for every single school, district, state, and the nation as a whole, with estimated annual savings in billions of dollars


Eduminder provides a “safety net” for disadvantaged children and families that need more attention and prevent them from “falling through the cracks.”

Equal Opportunity

Eduminder “levels the educational playing field”, giving every child, teacher and administrator access to the same world class education information system, regardless of financial status or location.


Increased community awareness to inform and protect families to increase the safety of our children.


Society as a whole is better off when everyone has access to the information they need and want. Having 24/7/365 access to a safe online environment fostering knowledge acquisition and promoting learning is beneficial to everyone.


The environment is a big winner with Eduminder. Think about all the server hardware, backup power systems, UPS systems/batteries, and cooling systems that are no longer needed. All of these systems run continuously whether they are in use or not, making the current situation extremely inefficient.

Eduminder will also enable all schools to go 100% paperless if they so choose, reducing the use of paper, copying, printed materials, and the cost of recycling these materials.


HUGE cost savings across the board for every single school using Eduminder. Significantly reduce or eliminate expensive server and server room hardware investments, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance. No need for real-time fail-over systems, high-speed redundant data storage systems, costly server applications, operating systems, data backup systems, and costly onsite support contracts and warranties. Eduminder also eliminates the need for expensive backup power systems, UPS batteries and server cooling systems


HUGE cost savings across the board for every single school using Eduminder. Significantly reduce or eliminate software licenses for desktops, laptops and servers. No need for costly and ongoing software and system support contracts, costly system and software upgrades, and impact it has on the user base with down time and learning new systems. Eduminder also eliminates the need for disaster planning, data recovery and offsite backup data storage.


Significantly reduce need for and waste of paper, copying, printed materials and the cost of recycling these materials.

The power/electricity savings with Eduminder is phenomenal because of our high efficiency delivery mechanisms and efficient energy utilization.

Eduminder protects nature by decreasing carbon emissions through a reduction in or elimination of:

  • Electricity needed for operating servers, backup systems and monitors 24/7/365. All of these systems are extremely under utilized but still require constant power consumption.

  • Batteries and replacement batteries for Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), and the recycling and disposal of batteries and the hazardous materials they contain.

  • As if it isn’t enough that underutilized systems are constantly using electricity, they generate a lot of heat, so now there is a need to run critical cooling systems for server rooms and data centers, using even more power and wasting even more energy.


Eliminate the need for maintaining multiple sets of data records. This increases efficiencies and decreases human error in processing and data entry.


Oblitirate the need for maintaining numerous data records: This is potentially one of the biggest reasons for causing operations to be inefficient. The time spent on maintaining multiple data systems grows exponentially with the number of systems. 


Improved teaching and educational processes through instant access to all resources and information. Data retention, referencing and lookup. Professional development and faculty tutoring tools.


Imagine having access to everything you need to support your learning process, regardless of which level you are at. Have perpetual access to extra learning materials for children that have fallen behind, or have advanced lesson plans at your finger tips for students moving ahead of the others. No matter what, Eduminder will have it available.

(Information Sharing)

Imagine being able to share information that will help others, or have access to infinite amounts of targeted and relevant information to help you no matter what your situation calls for. In the event you cannot find what you are looking for, you have the ability to confer with thousands if not millions of people that posess the answers you are looking for.

Power / Energy

The power/electricity savings with Eduminder is phenomenal due to our high efficiency delivery mechanisms and extremely efficient energy utilization.


Virtually all the electricity needed to power servers, backups, UPS systems and monitors 24/7/365 will no longer be needed. Today, these systems are extremely under utilized but still require constant power consumption.


As if it isn’t enough that these underutilized systems are constantly using electricity, they generate a lot of heat, which requires cooling systems for server rooms and data centers, using even more power and wasting even more energy.


  • Real-time reporting at all levels, by classroom, grade, teacher, school, district, state or throughout the nation. Easily compare countries and global trends, all at the click of a mouse. No need to compile or “massage” huge amounts of data that currently takes weeks and months.
  • Preserve historical data as for reference, reporting of trends and forecasting purposes.
  • Cross functional reporting has never before been possible


Collaboration and information sharing within and across schools, districts, states, nation and the world


Improved communications and information sharing among parents, teachers, administrators and students. Never again will communication between stakeholders be an issue. Eduminder will incorporate multi-level communication schemes, alerts and notifications, and determined to eliminate all communications issues once and for all.


Give all schools the opportunity to send SMS text notifications to parents in case of emergencies, incorporate VoIP phone call notifications, email contact management systems and the ability to track all notifications. Today schools have a hard time afford these systems and services. Eduminder will offer this as part of our core system, fully integrated with everything else and no additional data maintenance or head aches.

Professional Development

Professional development systems and faculty tutoring tools. Review teaching methods from anywhere in the world, watch video lessons or teaching tricks at your leasuire or in the comfort of your home. Never feel "alone"; learn from others experience and mistakes and advance your teaching skills whenever you have a moment.


Global educational information sharing, collaboration, share methodologies, knowledge and information among piers without borders. Eduminder is slated to become the largest educational information system on the planet, and will only contain relevant and safe information created by the users of the system.


Learn about other cultures with direct insight into their “world”, local history, pictures, videos and the lessons currently being taught in other countries and cultures.


Reference historical information instantly for help with assignments, lessons, comments, planning, etc. Teachers can easily link pertinent information to assignments to help the kids easily find the information they need. Teachers will also have easy access to relevant and updated information right at their finger tips.

Home Work

Home work will never be lost again, and kids can go back and reference earlier home work easily to “refresh” their memory or even re-take a home work assignment.

Parents have access to view their children’s home work at their leisure, and can “chime in” to help at any moment should it be needed.


Imagine taking attendance using a smart phone or a tiny tablet which easily can access everything a teacher needs from anywhere inside the classroom?


Faculty will have everything they need at their fingertips whether they are in the classroom, in the faculty lounge, at home or away at a conference. Also enjoy unlimited access to resources to support your teaching and have the ability to discuss issues with teachers all over the world.

Report Cards

A recent example from a school nearby paints a perfect picture. They spent over 2 full days trying to print report cards using a combination of mandated software, home grown “band-aid” solutions to try to print report cards. Needless to say, this is ridiculous and should not be an issue in todays education systems.


Eduminder delivers a complete educational system that will actively protect and safeguard our children. Eduminder is a safe, virtual internet within the world wide web where information is provided by the users. In other words, Eduminder is an inclusive system where only safe content is included by the user community with full traceability back to the source.


The internet today makes everything available and you need to try to filter out and locate the information you seek, which is often a painful task. The internet is also insecure and you constantly run the risk of inappropriate content, hijacked web sites, virus, spyware and malware infestations.

Eduminder eliminates all these threats and will only deliver pre-approved content, and potentially eliminates the need for expensive anti-virus, mal-ware and spy-ware protection software and licenses.


Servers are a thing of the past. No more need to troubleshoot, maintain, install, update, upgrade or lose data – ever again.

Data Centers

There’s no need for server rooms with Eduminder. Eduminder takes care of all of this and more so schools can free up valuable space, reduce electric bills, eliminate hardware and software investments, data backup systems, and onsite support contracts, warranties and more.

Data Entry & Maintenance

Imagine only having to input information once into a system, and not have to do it in 10-20 different systems as it is done today. With Eduminder information is updated throughout the system and in all applications instantly.


Instant and easy access to everything needed for educational and informational purposes and well being. Educational resources, training materials, tutorials, teaching methodologies, learning centers, self assessment tools, etc.


Besides the obvious benefits of having free access to systems and information like never before, there are tremendous cost savings using Eduminder.

School Districts

District will have greater visibility to issues within the district along with greatly improved communications mecanisms and ability to coordinate disctrict wide savings in a multitude of areas.


States and regions will have greater visibility and reporting capabilities to see trends and identify areas that need more/less attention. The culmination of the enhancements and improvements Eduminder provides allows for incredible cost savings, improved test scores and prevent students from "falling through the cracks".


As with States/Regions and school districts, a significantly improved nationwide visibility with real time reporting capabilities is extremely powerful for government and legislation.

Global Education

Hm, imagine a global education system and the power that represents in itself. That alone is reason enough for Eduminder to create the EEIS. There is no easy way to describe all the benefits of what Eduminder can do for global education, but you will have the foundation to comprehend the extent if you read each proceeding paragraph and thought hard about the impact each of these paragraphs represent. Maybe it is worth reading this web page all over again with this in mind?

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